Infinity Diode Laser

Permanent Laser Hair Removal

The highly advanced infinity diode laser machine is designed to remove unwanted hairs from your body permanently and safely. Infinity Diode technology is the next best thing in the market when it comes to hair removal. It is highly effective and works flawlessly. You will only feel a tingling sensation on your skin as the diode laser works its magic. 

The infinity offers permanent hair removal treatments using unique technology. Next generation InteliBrite enables an amazing moving treatment, where the handset is constantly skimmed across the surface of the skin to deliver treatment.  As well as an 80% reduction in treatment time, it’s completely painless, gentler on skin and provides even better results. 

Our laser is suitable for most skin and hair types unlike other lasers and only 4-6 sessions are needed to achieve permanent hair removal.

Trust our friendly, highly qualified staff consisting of male and female laser specialists. Contact us for a free consultation and be amazed at the results.

permanent laser hair removal

permanent laser hair removal